Most Wanted Studio

Back in Fashion


Belinda Bonan

Most Wanted Studio

Short Film

YEAR: 2017
FORMAT: 8 min short film
TECHNIQUE: 3D Animation

“Back In Fashion” is an animated short film produced by Most Wanted Studio and directed by Belinda Bonan.

Pascal Benard, one of the best designers of all time, has returned to the world of fashion after his sudden withdrawal in the late 90s. The fact has such repercussion, that the mythical BPC is shooting a special program about his return for the documentary series “Back in Fashion”.



  1. Summa 3D, Madrid (Spain), Jul-2016 / “Short Film Project” / AWARDED 3rd PRIZE
  2. Mundos Digitales, A Coruña (Spain), Jul-2017 / “Best National Short Film”
  3. Palena Film Festival, Palena (Italy), Aug-2017 / “Best Animation” / AWARDED
  4. Shorts México, Ciudad de México (México), Sep-2017 / “Iberoamerican Animation Competition”
  5. Madrid Art Film Festival, Madrid (Spain), Sep-2017 / “Animation” Semi-finalist
  6. Kansas International Film Festival, Kansas City (USA), Nov-2017 / “Best Animation”
  7. PSIAF Palm Springs International Animation Festival, Palm Springs (USA), Nov-2017 / “Best Animated Short”
  8. Zinebi 59, Bilbao (Spain), Nov-2017 / InfoSpain (non competitive)
    Festival de Cine de Zaragoza, Zaragoza (Spain), Dec-2017 / “Best Animation”
  9. Winchester Short Film Festival, Winchester (UK), Nov-2017 / WSFF_17 Official Long List
  10. Premios de Animación Comunidad De Madrid, Madrid (Spain), Oct-2017 / “Best Animated Short”
  11. Animalada, Festival de Animación de Sevilla, Sevilla (Spain), Nov-2017 / “Best National Animated Short”
  12. MONSTRA-Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Lisbon (Portugal), Mar-2018 / “Short Films Competition”
  13. Athens Animfest, Athens (Greece), Mar-2018 / “Short Films Competition”
  14. Festival de Málaga, Málaga (Spain), Abr-2018 / “Animazine Short Films Competition”
  15. Premios Pávez, Festival nacional de cortometrajes Talavera de la Reina, Talavera de la Reina (Spain), Jun-2018 / “Animated Short Film”
  16. Fashion Film Festival Chicago, Chicago (USA), Oct-2018 / “Animated Fashion Short” / AWARDED
  17. Cartón, Festival internacional de cortos de animación la Tribu, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sep-2018 / “Fiction Animated Short Films Competition”
  18. Festival Internacional Dona i Cinema. Valencia (Spain), Jan-2019 / “Animation”


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