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Joan Rubinat & Belinda Bonan
Most Wanted Studio
TV Series, 52×11′
Girls & Boys +7
Adventure, Comedy & Science
3D Animation
In Development

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Next Lab, 2022



Marla & the Guardians of Time is a 3D animated TV series in development, for girls & boys over 7 y.o.

Marla & The Guardians of Time tells how Marla Jones and her trusted squad will be involved in the greatest feat of their lives: protect the space-time paradox from the villainous magnate Fox and save the Universe from extinction. To achieve this, they will travel in time, discover new worlds and make new friends.

What would happen if the worst villain of all time was destroying the Universe in his quest for the Youth Elixir formula? What would happen if there was a special team in charge of protecting and saving it? In a future world, where the stability of the Universe is in jeopardy, Marla and her diverse group of friends will be the key to its salvation.

Through this epic adventure, full of slapstick humor and incredible fantasy, we’ll immerse ourselves in the exciting and magical world of science and we’ll have a great time understanding Cosmo’s complexity.

Do you still think science is boring? Do you think it’s not made for you? Well, with this adventure you’ll surely change your mind!

Join our troupe and discover a wonderous world full of friendship, fun, and wisdom.

Marla & The Guardians of Time Image

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